About Us

About Augusta Recreation, Parks and Facilities

Augusta Recreation, Parks and Facilities operates public park and recreation facilities and programs in addition to maintaining city-owned facilities throughout Augusta. Recently recognized as the Georgia Recreation and Parks Association District I Agency of the Year, we are proud of our system’s inter-related elements: our park land, our recreation and community facilities, recreation programs and our administrative/planning/development services.

We maintain over 70 park sites and 1,500 acres of parkland that features a wide variety of quality facilities with family oriented leisure activities for all ages and population groups.

In 2011, the Augusta Recreation and Parks Department became the Recreation, Parks and Facilities Department and operates under that current re-organizational structure. The Department employees 190 full time staff with nearly 100 full time/part time employees and seasonal staff of an additional 100. The Department operates and maintains most of the City's facilities from municipal cemeteries, landscaped medians and gateways, sports complexes and community centers to a variety of neighborhood, community and regional parks. Also Included are the City’s big-box buildings such as the Judicial Center, Municipal Government campus and Webster Detention Center to name a few.

Core Themes:

  • Community Health / Wellness
  • Protecting the investment we have made in our park system (preserve, protect and enhance our facilities and properties)
  • Financial sustainability
  • Building community and relationships (creating community through people, parks and programs)
  • Youth engagement and senior mentoring
  • Organizational readiness


About The Plan

The 10-year master plan is our commitment to regularly review resources and direction and to make sure that our local parks system continues to be a viable and effective community resource for all Augustans. We expect this plan to be the foundation for future funding requests and re-alignment of resources as needed.

Over the course of the next ten months, our residents have an opportunity to participate in the development of a community-based recreation and parks master plan that will provide guidance and policy direction for the Augusta Recreation, Parks and Facilities Department. We have a strong need for a master plan to determine the future of our leisure services and park system, and to ensure that we use these community assets wisely and efficiently.

“The Master Plan will capture the need and desire to re-create ourselves as a results-driven organization and collaborative department that demonstrates what we are all about, and that is People, Innovation and Commitment,” said Ron Houck, Interim Director of Augusta’s Recreation, Parks and Facilities.

Once the master plan is developed, the information will be presented to the Augusta Commission for review and approval before being accepted as Augusta’s Recreation, Parks and Facilities official Master Plan. We look forward to hearing your about your experiences and ideas so that Augusta can be better positioned to serve you.

Janice Allen Jackson, Administrator